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View of Mt Rainier from Seattle

Mount RainierI think it’s only fitting that the first post on the newly designed Captivate Seattle should be about Mt. Rainier. With over 2 million visitors annually, it is sure to captivate all who see it, whether at a distance, at the base or from on top.

Here are some facts about Mt. Rainier:

  • Established as a National Park in 1899
  • Mt. Rainier encompasses 378 sq miles
  • Elevation: 14,411 feet above sea level
  • Active volcano, likely to erupt again
  • Last Volcanic activity: mid 1800s
  • 39 sq miles of glacier – largest in the US

Whether you are into hiking, climbing, bird watching or just want to let Mt. Rainier captivate you with it’s natural beauty, you won’t be disappointed. for more information you can call the sunrise Visitor Center at 360-663-2425 or visit the Mount Rainier National Park website.

2 Responses to “View of Mt Rainier from Seattle”

  1. Heating Cooling Seattle says:

    I remember visiting Mt. Rainier as a young boy around age 7. I remember being so amazed that there was still snow in July. We were from Minnesota and were used to snow, but not that late in the year. I had never even heard the term glacier.

    I also remember my cousins from the Seattle/Tacoma area taking my uncle’s hat off, filling it with snow and putting it back on his head. I just remember thinking at the time, what a mean thing to do.. even if he thought it was funny.

  2. Baby England Kit says:

    wow wow wow! Truly amazing!

    I’ve been up Whistler, BC and Mt. Sinai, Egypt before… and Morskie Oko is definitely up there in my favourite places. It’s no Himalayas, but it’s still magnificent!

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